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Here's a fascinating little tidbit that changes everything. We all know the lion's share of web usage has moved from desktop to mobile devices. At last count, 60 percent of internet use took place on mobile . It's a figure, somehow equally astounding and obvious, that leads experts like Benedict Evans  to nudge: "We should stop talking about ‘mobile’ internet and ‘desktop’ internet. It’s like talking about ‘colour’ TV, as opposed to black and white TV."

"Mobile is the internet." He declares.

Now, that would be change enough, but the fascinating little tidbit I'm talking about? That's still to come. According to Forrester , it turns out that 85% of the time we spend on phones is spent in apps -- really it's spent in just a handful of apps. So, if internet activity is growing on mobile, and mobile activity is predominantly spent in apps, what does that mean for search engines?

For the complete report read:

"Why You Won't Recognize SEO in Five Years"

Written by Meghan Keaney Anderson | @meghkeaney

Why am I sharing this information?

As an artist, the largest obstacle we all face is creating a large budget to market our products. In today's digital world you must have a website, shopping cart, social history, and ongoing marketing campaign searching for new buyers.

By combining our resources into this project we can create a marketing campaign that is always seeking new buyers for its artist/users.  Yes, I know what you are thinking group websites don't work there are too many artists on those platforms.  Yes, and that is why they fail.  The artist fails to reach buyers and prospects the site owners are doing well.

That is why I have limited membership to 30 artists per genre.  Think of it as a group show where every artist hangs 1 piece and brings 2 guests to the opening.  Since we are a digital group show each artist can hang 100 pieces in this group show.

Currently, I have 10 genres: "Ten Groupings"

  1. Realism
  2. Abstract
  3. Photography
  4. Sculpture
  5. Figurative
  6. Scenic
  7. Botanical
  8. Decorative
  9. Regional
  10. Pen & Ink


I will feature 30 artists in each genre so every artist will be seen by all ArtHype app users.  Each app user that likes a certain genre will be attracted to your work will be seen by that user.  Art buyers do not look at art the same way as an artist.   So we need to meet them where they are on mobile using apps.  The ArtHype group will have an ongoing Facebook campaign actively seeking new art lovers and potential buyers.

But the first objective of this powerful project is to get the app's image database full of artwork.  I know every artist will not fit into this project so here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.


  1. Do you have at least 50 to 100 quality images of my artwork?
  2. Are you currently marketing your art and building sells?
  3. Can you afford the $37 per month membership fee?
  4. Do you have a follow up system to quickly contact everyone that inquires about your art?

If you do not have a Follow Up system don't worry I can help you setup a system. FYI - We don't take a commission from any sales the app generates on your behalf. If you need us to handle transactions for you we can on an individual bases.

If you have 100s of art images and have art assistances on your payroll then you need your own app.  See details at the end.

If you are part of a local group and your group would like an app featuring their own members, then contact us and we can arrange it and give you a quote.  This would be a Custom Build featuring your local art organization.

Who am I?

Let me introduce myself my name is Gary Coles.  I am an artist with 30 plus years of painting and drawing and selling art in festivals, online, and everywhere I see an open door.  Over the years, I have created several group art marketing campaigns to promote my art and the work of other artists.  One of my past marketing projects was "Gallery of the Round" which was a magazine/catalog of artists that was part of Art Basel Miami Beach, and the original Art Basel, and CIGI Beijing.

Now we are moving with the market trends and building mobile apps that offer greater reach of market share.

If you have any questions why I would focus art on mobile let me share some of the data I have found.

Mobile users prefer using apps designed for mobile instead of viewing a website on their mobile device.

FYI - This is not all of the information I have found.  This is the just the visual charts I have collected to showcase the power of the mobile app and its current market trend for next foreseeable 5 to 10 years.  

Can you afford to miss out on such a powerful marketing movement?


Download the current App as-is to see the potential!

Android App from Google Play

Chrome Web Store

Art Hype was created to have a dual purpose

1 - Artist Directory of local artists worldwide (for the public)

2 - A lead generation platform for artists.  (for individual artists)

Based on years of research and study I have noticed general SEO does not work for individual artists unless you're famous and well known and content marketing for artists is very difficult since most art and artists are visual and our terminology is the mostly the same.  The top ranked site on Google will mostly be .  Why the main keyword is in the title and it has over 1000 plus pages with the same keyword on each and every page.  Unless you plan to plan a site with more pages and add more keywords and content you will never outrank this number one site.

So to even the playing field and to give working artists a fighting chance in today's marketplace I have created the Art Hype Mobile App Group Promotional Project!

For those artists that understand Selling Art is a Business and every business needs to advertise & market their products and services in order to grow your business.  Each business must have an on-going marketing campaign working on your behalf.

Some artists dislike that fact but nonetheless it is true.

For all artists thinking of becoming a part of our platform.  

We offer you two paths.

Group App & Individual App

The Group App includes:

The Individual App Service includes:  

Custom Features:

OK, what's next?

  1. Answer our brief questionnaire
  2. Start on editing your images & text
  3. Get ready for a Facebook Live Q&A

 Art images.

Note: The group app will work best and you will get the most results with a simple clean image not your name unless you are famous and the world knows your name.  The merit of your work will attract your followers and potential buyers.

Direct Link to your personal art website

All images will be directly linked to your website or to the individual page featuring that image if it on your website.  You will need to keep your website updated with the images on the app to gain trust with your new fans.

Sharing DATA - I suggest using Dropbox or buying a cheap flash drive 1 or 2 GB or whatever you have in your office/studio.

Upload images to your dropbox account and share the link or email me a flash drive with all of your images & text and videos.

Send to

To reserve your seat and to continue the conversation add me to your Facebook friends then jump over to our questionnaire.